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Henry Carpaneto


“A good friend of mine, Otis Grand is a great Blues guitarist. He contacted me about playing on Henry’s record. When I heard how good he was I didn’t think he was from Italy. He sounded like he was from America; he was very soulful. He had the feel of a Black American Blues and Jazz musician. I’m honored to play with my Italian brother Henry Carpaneto. We’re just getting better and better together”

- Tiny TC Coleman, Portland

"I´ve been on stage for 53 years and i´ve played with a lot of musicians. Henry, i like to call him Cool Henry Blues, has a great attituede. He´s so talented! There are just few piano players like him."

- Bryan Lee, New Orleans

Henry Carpaneto has been recognized by the international press as one of the best Blues pianists working today.

Nominated best European Blues Pianist by The Trophées France Blues - Blues Feeling, Henry regularly participates and performs at popular festivals and events across Europe and the United States, including The Lucerne Blues Festivval and The New Orleans Heritage Jazz Fest. These two fesstvals were part of Henry Carpaneto’s American tour with Bryan Lee.

Henry Carpaneto has been working with internationally recognized musicians like Otis Grand, Jerry Portnoy (Muddy Waters Band), Kirk Fletcher, Bryan Lee, Deitra Farr, Tony Coleman (BB King’s Band), Sir Waldo Weathers (James Brown Band), Lea Gilmore, Big Pete Pearson, Paul Reddick, Sonny Rhodes, Sydney Ellis, Tee Dee Young, Tia Carroll, Joey Gilmore and James Armstrong.

"Henry today is without doubt the most real Blues piano player in Europe. He takes in all styles of the old Piano Rollers and Jumpers."

- Otis Grand, London

"He´s my Piano Man!"                 - Jerry Portnoy

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